Eorzean Symphony: Final Fantasy XIV Orchestral Album Vol.2


Eorzean Symphony: Final Fantasy XIV Orchestral Album Vol.2

Catalog Number SQEX-20072
Release Date Dec 11, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 6600 JPY
Media Format Blu-ray
Classification Arrangement
Published by Square Enix Music
Composed by Masayoshi Soken, Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged by Sachiko Miyano, Kenichi Kuroda, Yoshitaka Suzuki, Masayoshi Soken, Tsutomu Narita, FILM SCORE
Performed by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Nikikai Chorus Group
Lyrics by Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, Natsuko Ishikawa

Orchestral Arrangement

01 Painted Red
02 Triumph
03 Songs of Salt and Suffering
04 Crystal Tower Medley
05 The Open Box
06 From the Heavens
07 Tsukuyomi’s Pain
08 The Worm’s Tail

FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2019-Eorzean Symphony-

01 A New Hope 6:21
02 Serenity 6:10
03 Ultima 5:30
04 Heavensward 4:53
05 Heroes 3:57
06 Dragonsong 6:10
07 Scale and Steel 4:53
08 Crystal Tower Medley 7:45
09 The Garlean Territorial Anthem for Gyr Abania and Surrounding States – The Measure of Our Reach 4:18
10 Triumph 3:24
11 Revolutions 7:56
12 Songs of Salt and Suffering 5:36
13 Painted Red 4:17
14 Tsukuyomi’s Pain 6:15
15 The Open Box 4:31
16 From the Heavens 4:58
17 A World Apart 3:37
18 The Worm’s Tail 5:48
19 Invincible 4:02

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  1. galaxy says

    This one is interesting, length of the songs does match the info on vgmdb, but it has live sound like audience clapping which makes me think this is the concert version.

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