Eorzean Symphony: Final Fantasy XIV Orchestral Album Vol.3 (Concert version)


Eorzean Symphony: Final Fantasy XIV Orchestral Album Vol.3 (Concert version)

Release Date Apr 26, 2023
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3880 JPY
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement

1. Concert3:天より降りし力
2. Concert3:希望の都
3. Concert3:静穏の森
4. Concert3:究極幻想
5. Concert3:Dragonsong
6. Concert3:Heavensward
7. Concert3:英傑 〜ナイツ・オブ・ラウンド討滅戦〜
8. Concert3:鬨の声
9. Concert3:塩と苦難の歌 〜ギラバニア湖畔地帯:昼〜
10. Concert3:空より現れし者 ~次元の狭間オメガ:アルファ編~
11. Concert3:Shadowbringers
12. Concert3:To the Edge
13. Concert3:砕けぬ想い ~ハーデス討滅戦~
14. Concert3:Tomorrow and Tomorrow
15. Concert3:迷宮 ~ラヴィリンソス:昼~
16. Concert3:Your Answer ~ハイデリン討滅戦~
17. Concert3:Close in the Distance
18. Concert3:Flow
19. Concert3:ENDCALLER ~ゾディアーク討滅戦~
20. Concert3:そして世界へ
21. Concert3:終焉の戦い

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  1. Reza says

    Hi, can you make right the soundtrack section of the site soon? The links have some problems and I can’t download anything from you’re site.

    Thanks for the help.

    1. KING says

      Yes, my old Google Drive account was deleted, and I’m rebuilding everything from the scratch

      1. FakeJohn says

        Thanks, I thought this section was banned or something.

      2. Reza says

        I found some albums that are not in the site so if you can add them too, like the korean version of Final Fantasy 10 and some other albums.


  2. Burney says

    Thank god you’re back. I thought this site was gone forever. LOL
    Thank you for all the work you’ve done!!!

    1. KING says

      Thank you very much. My GG Drive account was deleted so now I must update all the old links, it will take some time 🙂

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