Cafe SQ


Cafe SQ

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Catalog Number SQEX-10276
Release Date Nov 23, 2011
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2100 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Published by Square Enix (distributed by Sony Music Distribution)
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Junya Nakano, Kenji Ito
Arranged by pesama, RÄFVEN, Hajime Kobayashi, kous, millstones, KING COLUMBIA, Deadball P, yuxuki waga, Manami Morita, sasakure.UK, Duke of Pianeet, Serph, SmileR, The Reign of Kindo, Schroeder-Headz
Performed by Tendo, pesama, RÄFVEN, Little Fats & Swingin’ Hot Shot Party, Hajime Kobayashi, kous, KING COLUMBIA, yuxuki waga, Manami Morita, Zak Croxall, Thomas Hartman, Duke of Pianeet, Miina, The Reign of Kindo, Schroeder-Headz, Yu Sato, Hiroyuki Suzuki

01 Cafe SQ: FINAL FANTASY V “Music Box ~ My Home, Sweet Home” / pesama 4:49
02 Cafe SQ: FINAL FANTASY III “Fat Chocobo Appears ~ Chocobo’s Theme” / RÄFVEN 4:01
03 Cafe SQ: Chrono Trigger “Jolly Ol’ Spekkio ~Gato’s Song” / Little Fats & Swingin’ Hot Shot Party 2:52
04 Cafe SQ: Chrono Trigger “Corridors of Time” / kous 4:29
05 Cafe SQ: Dewprism “Last Dungeon ~ Theme of Dewprism” / millstones 5:25
06 Cafe SQ: FINAL FANTASY VI “Johnny C. Bad” / KING COLUMBIA 3:05
07 Cafe SQ: FINAL FANTASY “Matoya’s Cave” / Deadball P 4:29
08 Cafe SQ: FINAL FANTASY IX “Over the Hill” / yuxuki waga 3:48
09 Cafe SQ: Chrono Cross “The Dream That Time Dreams” / Manami Morita 6:33
10 Cafe SQ: Romancing SaGa 2 “Last Battle” / sasakure.UK 4:59
11 Cafe SQ: Xenogears “Suite Xenogears” / Duke of Pianeet 10:50
12 Cafe SQ: FINAL FANTASY IX “Rose of May” / Serph 4:31
13 Cafe SQ: FINAL FANTASY X “Suteki da ne” / SmileR feat. Miina (Sayonara Ponytail) 4:51
14 Cafe SQ: FINAL FANTASY VII “F.F.VII Main Theme” / The Reign Of Kindo 4:13
15 Cafe SQ: FINAL FANTASY IV “Troian Beauty” / Schroeder-Headz 5:20

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