Final Fantasy N Generation: Official Best Collection


Final Fantasy N Generation: Official Best Collection

File size: 322MB | RAR | FLAC

Catalog Number TPCD 0212-2 (U.S. printing of PSCN-9101)
Release Date Oct 22, 2001
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Published by Tokyopop Soundtrax
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged by Nobuo Uematsu, Katsuhisa Hattori, Takayuki Hattori, Máire Breatnach, Shiro SAGISU, Tsuneyoshi Saito, Ken Morimura, Shiro Sato
Performed by Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Milan Symphony Orchestra, Dido, Svetla Krasteva, Toshiyuki Mori

01 Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy: Scene III (FFI) 6:06
02 Roaming Sheep (Arranged Version) (FFIII) 2:00
03 Theme of Love (Arranged Version) (FFIV) 4:12
04 Legend of the Deep Forest (Arranged & Remixed Version) (FFV) 5:08
05 The Water Maiden (Arranged Version) (FFIII) 2:26
06 Welcome to Our Town! (Arranged Version) (FFIV) 3:11
07 Moogles’ Theme (Arranged Version) (FFV) 3:05
08 The Breeze (Arranged Version) (FFIII) 3:30
09 Troian Beauty (Arranged Version) (FFIV) 3:39
10 Home, Sweet Home (Arranged Version) (FFV) 3:28
11 Dear Friends (Piano Version) (FFV) 5:07
12 Aria De Mezzo Carattere (Arranged and Remixed Version) (FFVI) 5:54
13 Rydia (Arranged Version) (FFIV) 3:06
14 Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy: Scene VII (FFII) 5:18
15 Songo de Chocobo (Arranged Version) (FFV) 3:38
16 Final Fantasy (Piano Version) (FFV) 3:12

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