Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Original Soundtrack


Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number SQEX-20015
Release Date Dec 25, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 5250 JPY
Media Format Blu-ray
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal
Published by Square Enix
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, Junya Nakano, Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi
Arranged by Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, Junya Nakano, Tsutomu Narita, Hirosato Noda, Ryo Yamazaki, Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi, Shiro Hamaguchi
Performed by RIKKI, Bill Xtillidiex Muir, Masakazu Morita, Mayuko Aoki, Aki Kuroda, Naoko Endo, Hijiri Kuwano, Kaoru Yamamoto, Markus Kern, Tilo Widenmeyer, Dietrich von Kaltenborn, Kenichi Tsujimoto, Yuya Ebisawa, Kazuko Nakase, Andrea Ikker, Ippiqui Takemoto, Toru Tabei, Mina, Hitoshi Ohori, Shigekazu Kamaki, Fumiaki Hirayama, Chihiro Tabe, Hideharu Yao, Mio Kashiwabara, Risa Nagaoka, Shiho Adachi, Miki Shindo, Takashi Baba, Daisuke Hara, Hayato Kamie, Toshiya Yabuuchi, Takahiko Ishikawa, Naoki Watanabe, Eiji Shimamura, Keisuke Ohta, Takashi Kato Group, Masatsugu Shinozaki Group, Hideyo Takakuwa, Masakazu Ishibashi, Tadashi Hoshino, Masashi Togame, Josuke Ohata, Otohiko Fujita, Osamu Matsumoto, Masao Terashima, Midori Takada, Tomoko Kusakari, Tomoyuki Asakawa, Masato Matsuda, Haruki Mino, Yasuharu Nakanishi
Lyrics by Alexander O. Smith, Kazushige Nojima

01 “Zenbuhanashiteokitainda” 0:08
02 Zanarkand 3:02
03 Prelude 4:38
04 Tidus’s Theme 3:43
05 Otherworld 3:15
06 Run!! 2:54
07 This Is Your Story 2:20
08 Creep 5:36
09 Battle Theme 3:22
10 Victory Fanfare 1:33
11 Game Over 0:36
12 Out Of The Frying Pan 3:05
13 Leap In The Dark 1:27
14 Underwater Ruins 4:16
15 Oui Are Al Bhed 3:24
16 Enemy Attack 2:49
17 The Blitzers 3:53
18 Besaid 3:26
19 Spira Unplugged 2:14
20 Hum Of The Fayth 0:42
21 Phantoms 3:43
22 The Trials 3:33
23 Hymn – Valefor 0:41
24 The Summoning 4:14
25 Braska’s Daughter 3:44
26 Good Night 0:12
27 Yuna’s Theme 3:32
28 Movement In Green 6:39
29 The Sending 1:35
30 Calm Before The Storm 3:07
31 Hymn – Ifrit 0:42
32 Luca 3:40
33 Grand Maester Mika 2:36
34 Decision On The Dock 1:17
35 The Splendid Performance 3:32
36 Face off 2:07
37 Blitz Off! 3:35
38 Auron’s Theme 2:45
39 Mi’ihen Highroad 2:57
40 Chocobo Jam 2:52
41 The Travel Agency 3:05
42 They May Pass 1:10
43 Seymour’s Theme 3:03
44 Twilight 5:12
45 Djose Temple 3:19
46 Hymn – Ixion 0:40
47 Ridess The Shoopuf? 4:12
48 Rikku’s Theme 4:05
49 Guadosalam 3:39
50 Thunder Plains 4:21
51 Jecht’s Theme 2:32
52 Macalania Woods 3:19
53 The Void 2:18
54 The Temple Players 2:34
55 Seymour’s Ambition 2:18
56 Hymn – Shiva 0:42
57 Pursuit 2:25
58 The Burning Sands 4:06
59 Peril 4:02
60 The Truth Revealed 4:13
61 Launch 3:23
62 The Wedding 1:15
63 Assault 4:09
64 Tragedy 4:07
65 Believe 1:29
66 Via Purifico 3:16
67 Hymn – Bahamut 0:41
68 Moment of Truth 3:38
69 Patricide 2:42
70 SUTEKI DA NE (Isn’t It Wonderful?) 5:36
71 Yuna’s Decision 5:03
72 Lulu’s Theme 3:54
73 Bravely Forward 3:27
74 Hymn – Yojimbo 0:43
75 Servants of the Mountain 4:50
76 Hymn – The Ronso 0:43
77 Wandering 3:08
78 A Fleeting Dream 4:33
79 Hymn – Yunalesca 0:43
80 Challenge 4:08
81 Beyond The Darkness 2:17
82 Gloom 4:28
83 Hymn – Spira 0:45
84 The Unsent Laugh 3:44
85 Fight With Seymour 5:47
86 Hymn – Anima 0:43
87 A Contest Of Aeons 5:58
88 Final Battle 5:50
89 Ending Theme 5:31
90 “Omoidashitekudasai” 0:18
91 SUTEKI DA NE (Isn’t It Wonderful?) Orchestra Version 6:23
92 OMAKE.1 3:46
93 OMAKE.2 2:33
94 OMAKE.3 3:30
95 Kuon -Memories of Waves and Light- 2:37
96 YuRiPa, Fight! No.1 1:30
97 YuRiPa, Fight! No.3 1:46
98 “Let me blow you a kiss.” 2:10
99 Besaid 2:49
100 The Youth League 2:39
101 Yuna’s Ballad 3:03
102 The Farplane Abyss 2:23
103 Vegnagun Awakens 2:34
104 Epilogue -A Reunion- 3:24

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  1. ewe says

    first of all, the files i downloaded were 13 gb not 8 gb, second, why’re all the flac tracks stuck to each other?

    1. KING says

      Yes, the correct file size is 13GB, sorry for this mistake. This OST is ripped directly from bluray disc. Please open cue file with your media player if you want separate tracks.

  2. alex says

    hello, would you be able to separate the tracks from cue sheet into separate tracks? i tried to do that with medieval cue splitter, foobar2000 but won’t allow me (shows some error) i think it has to do with being flac24bit, i tried to convert the file prior but still the same.. need help, thanks

    1. KING says

      if you want to download separated files, you can find them here:

      1. Sea says

        Hi! It seems like the link doesn’t work.

      2. Sea says

        Hi! It looks like the link doesn’t work.

        1. KING says

          Please download from my Google Drive link above

  3. Yunie says

    Hi I downloaded this and I’m facing a problem…
    The audio (Flac) and the video (MKV) are separated, and there is also a cue file…
    How can i make all of these run like one file?
    Like I wanna have the splitters and the audio while i watch the movie but i fail.

    1. KING says

      Hello, you can use application like MKVToolnix to merge MKV and FLAC files into one 🙂

  4. Cuoly says

    Track 12 of the flac are damaged. It’s having lo-fi cracks on certain part. MP3 however was fine.

    1. Sora says

      +1. I also heard that weird sound. VLC and media player classic cannot fix it.

  5. Makoto says

    Hi friend, thanks for the disc but the cue file is corrupted on line 15, won´t you have the cue file undamaged?

    1. KING says

      I tried to play with VLC and it is ok. You can download cue file again if you want:

      1. Sora says

        That link cannot be downloaded for viewer. Do you have another link? Thanks.

        1. KING says

          I restored that cue file. Please download again, thanks.

  6. Crystal says

    Thank you so much for sharing. By the way, the error keeps coming up around 90% of decompression, so can I know another link?

  7. Leiji says

    al pareser los arhivos estan dañados, lo baje 3 veces y es lo mismo, lastima

    apparently the files are damaged, l downloaded it 3 times and it´s the same, it hurts

    1. KING says

      Hello, I tried to download the zip file and it was completely extracted.

      1. leiji says

        para descargar no hay problema, pero el archivo flac que pesa 5.29 gigas esta dañado o corrupto y no se reproduce completo, gracias de todas formas

        To download there is no problem, but the flac file that weighs 5.29 gigabytes is damaged or corrupt and does not play completely, thanks anyway

        1. KING says

          I uploaded another version of this OST. Please download again.

  8. Dem says

    If you can, add mp3 files (“real” mp3’s from blue-ray, not just converted flac’s) to this. And warn people that in this case mp3’s are better for many tracks in the list.
    It seems that there is a problem with blue-ray source – I tried 3 or 4 different versions from different people and ALL of them are ruined by some braindead sound producer who, probably, tried to win loudness war. Most tracks are OK or not damaged too great, just some parts were made louder than they should so there no silent-loud-silent sequences in such tracks – only loud-loud-loud. But some of them are literally destroyed.
    Here are some samples (upper pair is flac, bottom is mp3; everywhere where waveform goes out of border you’ll hear cracks, and it’s impossible to fix this easily, information is destroyed).
    #12 – total ruin:
    #24 – damaged too:
    #45 – cracks at 37 seconds; loudness balance is f****d:
    #52 – clearly ruined at 56 seconds and many other places:
    #63 – you won’t hear cracks… because it’s too loud for that. But it’s ruined too:

    (also, please, enable ctrl-c/ctrl-v on your site; it’s literally painful to not being able to paste things… and if this text will not be saved because of something when I press “post”, there will be no way to restore it)

    1. KING says

      Thank for your information. Here is the MP3 version, you can try it, if it’s oke, please tell me and I will replace it:

  9. Dem says

    No, these are converted flac’s. Check track #12, there are pops and cracks at 40 seconds and later. Waveform is the same as flac version have (you can check it in Audacity editor, it’s free and open source).
    I got “original” mp3’s here (flac’s are borked there too, so it’s definitely problem of source material itself, not of rip quality):
    There are spaces in links to mega, you will need to delete them.

    Also, maybe not “replace”, but add as separate option and add “!please read.txt” with explanation why mp3’s are preferable for some tracks? Only a handful of flac tracks are damaged, most are fine.

    1. KING says

      Thank you. Maybe I will use the MP3 version instead of FLAC. I tried some other sources but all are the same.

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