Forge Ahead: Final Fantasy XIV ~ Arrangement Album ~


Forge Ahead: Final Fantasy XIV ~ Arrangement Album ~

Catalog Number SQEX-20095 Release Date Nov 29, 2023 Publish Format Commercial Release Price 4400 JPY Media Format Blu-ray Classification Arrangement, Vocal Label SQUARE ENIX MUSIC Publisher SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

01 Flow 02 Carrots of Happiness 03 What Once Was 04 Dedicated to Moonlight (Instrumental) 05 The Labyrinth 06 Black Steel, Cold Embers 07 In the Balance (Instrumental) 08 Dedicated to Moonlight (Amanda Achen Vocals) 09 In the Balance (Amanda Achen Vocals) 10 Dedicated to Moonlight 11 Close in the Distance 12 Hic Svnt Leones 13 To the Edge 14 White Stone Black 15 Flow Together 16 The Nautilus Knoweth (Acoustic Version) 17 In the Balance 18 Scream 19 Athena, the Tireless One

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