CLAP and LOVE / ayaka


CLAP & LOVE / ayaka

File size: 173MB | RAR | FLAC

Catalog Number WPCL-10434
Release Date Sep 05, 2007
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1100 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
Published by Warner Music Japan
Composed by Yoshihiko Nishio, ayaka
Arranged by L.O.E, Akihisa Matsura
Performed by ayaka, L.O.E, Soul Toul, Takeshi Taneda, Akihisa Matsura, Koichi Korenaga, Kazco, Yoshihiko Nishio, Toshikazu Wakabayashi, Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi, Takumi FIRE Matsuda, Masato Yamashita, Takashi Tsurutani, Reiko Tsuchiya
Lyrics by ayaka

01 CLAP & LOVE 3:22
02 Why (PSP “CRISIS CORE -FFVII-” Theme Song) 4:29
03 Peace loving people (Live Ver.) 8:11
04 CLAP & LOVE (Instrumental) 3:22
05 Why (Instrumental) 4:26

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